Saturday, November 24, 2007

Meatpaper: Your Journal of Meat Culture

Issue One, Fall 2007 from San Francisco, CA

Meat has been on my mind lately, as I've eaten animal parts I never imagined in Spain & Portugal, confronted PETA in DC, picked up a copy of The Omnivore's Dilemma, and started asking myself some serious questions about bacon. So Meatpaper magazine came along at just the right time to answer a need. And in spite of its full-page photo of a model dressed only in raw beef, it's not relentlessly pro-carne.

As the editors (two hip, young women, in fact) write, "Meatpaper is the only magazine about the idea of meat--what we call the fleischgeist...the spirit of the meat...Fleischgeist refers to the growing cultural trend of meat consciousness, not just what's inside that hotdog, but how it got there, and what it means to be eating it."

Locally, it's available at Trident Books on Newbury St.

Image entitled Weenies in Space, courtesy of Meatpaper.

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